Defense of Castle Chilly
- The authors perspective
This is my blog, where I'll mostly talk about development and progress of my VR titles. 

I do tweet a few things but as we know, tweets get lost in the sea of the interblagosphere pretty quickly. So I've started a blog to record my ramblings all in one convenient scary (did I say scary? I meant happy) place.

If you're a developer yourself, you may be interested in the more technical aspects of things, so I'll be sure to post about any major "uh-huh!" moments I have and speak freely about it.

Or if you're an enthusiest you may be interested to see what cool new features and ideas I'm brewing up for you!

I'm currently working on one game, with one more I'm about to start prototyping, but I sadly have about nine more in my head I'll never get a chance to do.. but that's not to say I won't dabble with their ideas and use them in the few games I do make, or at the very least, in tech demos and posts 

TL;DR This is my piece of the internet!

This is the blog of Lord of the Stack. Primarily the articles written here will be regarding my virtual reality and game projects. My current major project as I'm sure you know, is Defense of Castle Chilly. You can read about the journey and struggle of building this game (although I'm already 6 months in, and in Early Access of the time of starting this blog, sorry about that! I'm sure I can recap on some of that history!)